Android Deleted SMS Recovery

There has been an exponential growth of android users all across the world. It is enabled with powerful and advanced features to send and and receive text messages , multimedia, shoot videos and pictures, download apps and various other features. It can store large number of data including photos, videos, apps, multimedia and SMS. It stores various sms in the inbox, outbox and draft folders without deleting them. However sometimes the messages can be deleted accidentally while selecting or sharing them. However the android users need not worry as the Android SMS recovery is now possible and deleted messages can be recovered.

Causes for the deletion of SMS

Have you ever wondered what causes data or loss of images, audio and video files in your Android. Lets discuss some of them briefly. Android is equipped with external storage media such as SD card, memory stick, Flash card etc and which gets formatted accidentally. It results in loss of entire contents stored in the storage media. Some other causes are

  •   •  Accidentally deleting the messages by the users
  •   •  Pressing the delete button while selecting the message
  •   •  While erasing the unwanted messages
  •   •  Emptying the inbox folder


Any one of the above cause is sufficient to erase your important data files from android and you lose those precious moments. However, the users need not panic as android data and file recovery is possible now with android File recovery software. It is an effective utility that retrieves almost every files including images, audios and videos from android that has been formatted or accidentally deleted.

Steps to recover deleted SMS from android

Many users are of the opinion that once the messages are deleted is lost permanently and cannot be recovered. However it is not so. The lost or deleted messages can be recovered if the android users follow the below given steps.

  •   •  It is advised to stop using the android further for sending or receiving messages or storing any new file.
  •   •  The deleted messages is still present on the android device and if you store any new messages, there are possibilities of overwriting the existing SMS.
  •   •  It is best to select Airplane Mode and to switch it Off. It prevents any network access and thus the device is free from receiving any new messages or data.
  •   •  It is advised to use Android SMS recovery utility to recover the deleted text messages from inbox or outbox folders.

Features of Android SMS Recovery Tool

  •   •  it is effective in restoring the lost or deleted incoming and outgoing messages on android.
  •   •  It organizes the messages and restores them with the tag “SMS label”.
  •   •  It can recover the messages from various android models.
  •   •  It has a user friendly graphical interface.
  •   •  It is compatible with both windows and Mac operating system.


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