5 ways to Recover Android Music Files (Solved)

By | November 18, 2019

Do you worried about music files on android? Are you willing to know how to recover deleted music files on Android? Are you facing trouble because music disappeared from the android phone? have you found the way how to recover deleted music files on android?

If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.


This article helps you out to figure out the ways to recover music files from android. You need to go step by step and line by line. Let’s jump down in detail.

Music disappeared from android phone

Hello there, I am facing trouble because my favorate music disappeared from android phone. I want them back. If any of you could help me, then please come forth. Actually, I was facing space issue and in the process of make more space, I accidently lost a very important folder in the miscellaneous section that has a few hundreds of rare mp3 files. I give a very long time to collect them. Is there any way to regain those files? Or how to recover music disapeared from android phone? Thank you!

The above case occurs after a mistake and now, the android user wants to recover deleted music from sd card android.

The Saving location of android music files

As a matter of fact, there are two prime locations of android music files like Android internal storage and external SD card. You can give you preference according to your personal need.

What if the android music files are deleted?

From the interface, these files are disappeared from the Android phone or SD card after deletion. In fact, the space occupied by these files is just marked as empty but the data is still present there unless other data replace them at all.

As long as those old files are not overwritten by new files, those are recoverable. But, once you paste some other files in those spaces, it will be gone.

To tackle this situation, there is some special tool that specially serves this purpose and is in the list of android music recovery app. These are capable to recover these deleted data which are not overwritten by new items. So, these deleted music files can be recovered with any of the available android music recovery app.

Here are something that will tell you how to recover deleted music files on Android.

Use Available Third-party tools to recover deleted songs from android

Since music files can be deleted from two locations either from internal memory or external sd cards. So, the recovery method also has two sections. Recover deleted music files from SD card Android and Android devices separately. You can go with one, to recover deleted music files on Android according to your personal needs.

Whicever you choose, you need to select a way to Android music file recovery.

Here are some solutions to restore music disappeared from Android phone

With the help of a Personal Computer or Laptop

It comes in the list of the most convenient way to recover deleted songs from android. It works if you have the habit of keeping your audio files as a backup on your computer or laptop. In this case, you can easily restore them back on your android phone.


  • First, connect your PC with Android phone with the help of USB cable
  • Then jump to the File option to explore the storage of your device
  • Select the audio files that you have lost
  • Copy and paste them on your Android phone storage menu
  • with this step you can get back your audio files

The same method is applicable for the SD card too. If you have a backup of android music files there then just connect this to your phone and copy them in internal memory.

  • Recover deleted music files from Android backup
  • Restore android disappeared music with the help of Cloud storage
  • Cloud gives you 5GB space to store essential data.
  • To get back up, just log in to your account of your Android phone and then go to Products
  • go for cloud storage option
  • Login to your account
  • There you can get the files you want to retrieve
  • Select the audio files which you want to recover and then download
  • this is considered one of the safest and secure process.

How to recover deleted android music files from Google Drive

To take advantage of this feature, you need to have enabled the sync option on it.

Google drive provides a storage capacity of 15GB where you can easily backup all your audio files along with other important data for further use. So In the case, your audio files are backup on Google drive and now you can recover them up.

Go to the file that you want to retrieve and then click on download.

List of best recovery app to recover deleted songs from android

Some users backed up their data so they can get their files easily but those who won’t back up their important data, they are going to face the troublesome situation. However, there is nothing to worry about because you can easily recover those music files by using a suitable tool to recover for android.

Here is one very powerful Android music recovery tool. It is in the list of excellent recovery software which can easily get music disappeared from android phone. This tool also allows previewing all the media files before recovering. If you find your files then just save it to the phone or sd cardn.

However, there may be numerous ways to loss or deletion of music files from android phone. It is always strongly suggested that you must keep backup of all files, folders, including music.

Even though, if you don’t have a backup file, then feel free to go for an android music file recovery tool to recover deleted songs from android.

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