Easy Guide to Block “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error in Android

By | July 1, 2021

Are you getting annoyed with “Failed to Obtain IP Address” error in Android? Does it stops you from surfing the web normally? Does your important tasks are getting pending? Do you want to fix the error permanently? If you are facing all these issues and wants to learn the best solution then you have reached at perfect destination. After reading the given article, you will find the essential information to block “Failed to Obtain IP Address” error completely. So, follow the given steps carefully.

"Failed to Obtain IP Address" Error

Android is one of the best operating system which is extremely popular among the users. It allows the users to work at fastest speed. As you know, you can easily connect your smartphone with the wi-fi network to access the Internet. But many users claims that they are getting “Failed to Obtain IP Address” error at the time of connecting the phone to wi-fi or even the home network. In such a case, you will be unable to surf the web which will stop your important activities. It is completely an annoying situation which nobody wants to face but it is possible at anytime.

Main Causes of “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error:-

A wide range of factors are responsible for such error on the screen. Some of the common factors has been mentioned below:-

  • Unwanted issue with the router.
  • Your device has been blocked intentionally.
  • Connection problem due to problem in router.
  • Failure of hardware or software.
  • Malfunctioning of the Android smartphone.
  • Using outdated version of operating system.

How to Fix “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error Manually?

In order to stop “Failed to Obtain IP Address” error, we suggest you to follow the manual instructions which are mentioned below:-

  • Remove the Mac filter from your device.
  • Check whether your router has buil-in firewall or not.
  • Try to change the encryption of your router’s network.
  • Restart the router after turning it off.
  • Check your router the blocking the IP address of your phone or not.
  • Remove the cache related to Google Play Services cache

How to Fix “Failed to Obtain IP Address” Error Automatically?

If you are unable to fix the error using manual steps then we suggest you to make use of Android Data Recovery Software. It is one of the powerful tool which is capable to perform complete scanning in the system to find the causes of annoying error on Android and carries ability to fix it permanently. Even more, it will help you to get back your lost or corrupted files in a hassle free manner. It also supports user-friendly interface which is helpful for novice users. So, check the working efficiency of the tool by downloading its trial version now.

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