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How to Recover Data from Water Damaged Android Devices

Have you accidentally dropped your Android device in the water or in swimming pool? Are you unable to access the saved files or images? Do you want to learn the effective ways to regain corrupted data of the phone? If your response is affirmative then you will be glad to know that you have reached… Read More »

Easy Steps to Install Custom ROM on Android

Are you bored of using an old Stock Rom that doesn’t have the latest features? We will guide you through the best custom roms and how to install custom roms. Custom Rom is a new build of the Android operating system, but with many new features. The features are very nice, such as dark mode,… Read More »

5 Battery Tips for your Android

There are many factors that contribute to poor battery life on Android phones. Thinner bodies, brighter screens, faster processors, more background software, and faster internet connections all take a toll on phone batteries, but manufacturers are also integrating more powerful batteries to compensate. However, all Android devices should have a similar feature. With this warning… Read More »

List of Best Android App from Microsoft Worth Trying

Microsoft needs no introduction. Tech giant and pseudonym. That’s why it’s amazing to see so many Android apps on the radar. Microsoft initially continued to focus on business apps for Android, which may be why later apps didn’t make headlines. Another reason is that a popular alternative to these apps that people seem to prefer… Read More »

Guide to Unlock Android with Free Unlock Codes

Your domestic mobile service provider should unlock your phone free of charge as long as your account is in good standing and you fulfill all necessary contractual obligations. You will need to contact your wireless service provider to unlock your phone. This provider provides a unique code to unlock your device. How to unlock a… Read More »

List of Best QR Code Scanner App for Android

Are you looking for the best QR code scanner app for your Android device? And have you ever been in one of those situations where you keep downloading one app and eventually uninstalling it to another because you weren’t lucky enough to find an exact match for your needs. If yes then you have arrived… Read More »

Importance of Android Security Updates

With the sheer amount of personal information on your phone messages, photos, passwords, location history, it’s more important than ever to keep your mobile device secure. As a result, many assume that security is one of the top priorities for cell phone manufacturers. But what if the device is several years old? Do manufacturers still… Read More »

List of YouTube Apps and its Uses

Do you want to know about different youtube apps? If yes, you have arrived at correct place as here you will get to know about it in details. Most of the us just open the YouTube Android app and log in to see the Home tab. When you start watching a video, the Home tab… Read More »