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How to Watch Free Live TV on Android TV

In recent years, the number of high-quality programs on cable TV has declined sharply. This is one of the reasons cord cutting has become so popular. However, there will be times when you hate modern TVs and even the experienced cordcutter wants to indulge in a place that frantically flips channels. If you bought an… Read More »

How to Keep Disney Account Safe From Hackers

The coveted Disney+ is already in trouble just days after its release. Thousands of Disney Plus accounts were hacked and sold in the first week. So, if you’re an early subscriber, here’s how you can protect your Disney Plus account from external threats: Disney+, released on November 12, shook the Internet by surpassing 10 million… Read More »

How to Enable End to End Encryption in Facebook Messenger

  Facebook today is making your messages more secure by introducing end-to-end encryption within Messenger. The rollout kicked off with a major crypto update for Facebook-owned WhatsApp, but Facebook didn’t begin trials. End-to-end encryption means that conversations are encrypted from one device to another so that no one other than the sender and the intended… Read More »

How to Record Audio on Android Phone

Smartphones have changed the way we share photos and videos, and so has audio. A mother’s voice, a child’s laughter, and the sound of a lullaby can be easily captured with a smartphone. But if your interests are more journalistic or artistic, you can add your smartphone audio recordings to your photo gallery and turn… Read More »

How to Remove Stalkerware from Android

Stalkerware is a very real problem for smartphone users and it is too easy for criminals to install on their phones Stalkerware is a very real problem for smartphone users and it is too easy for criminals to install on their phones and access users’ creative and personal data. So, if you deal with stalkerware… Read More »

How to Connect Mobile Internet to PC Via Tethering

Millions of us are trying to create efficient workspaces that make it as easy as the office to work while working from home. But it also means more people in their area use Wi-Fi from the same provider. Especially the more people sharing your network under the same roof, the slower and unstable your internet… Read More »

How to Disable Samsung Pay on Android

Smartphones come with many pre-installed apps designed to enhance convenience or functionality. The problem is that they aren’t always desirable, and smartphone companies like to make them hard to get rid of. So, if you want to uninstall Samsung Pay, we understand why. In recent Android versions, Samsung has made it easy for users to… Read More »

How to Check If your Android is Hacked

It’s best to keep in mind your phone’s notifications and suspicious features to make sure your phone hasn’t been hacked. The things mentioned below will help you get answers on how to know that your phone has been hacked. Nowadays, everything is done through a mobile phone. This smartphone has become a common target for… Read More »

How to Turn Flashlight On and Off on Android

Flashlights have long been a feature of phones that use a camera LED flash to help you navigate in the dark. Android has a built-in flashlight feature, but you have to swipe a few times to use it. Read on for a faster way to turn the flashlight on and off on your phone. Fortunately,… Read More »

How to Save WhatsApp Chat on Android

If you are wondering how to save whatsapp chat then you have arrived at correct post as here you will get to know in details regarding how to save whatsapp chat. When we talk about saving chats on WhatsApp, we often think of a backup in Google Drive, but you can also export a single… Read More »