Guide to Use Beauty Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

By | September 8, 2021

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is considered one of the best smartphones available today because of the powerful features that belong to it, including a fantastic camera module. This camera module is designed to make your photos look better and clearer. One of the things to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is that it has a wide-angle lens that makes it really easy to take multiple photos at once. In addition to this feature, there is another fantastic feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, the beauty mode.

The beauty mode feature is also referred to as a softening tool on Samsung mobile devices as a standard feature on most smartphones available today. However, Samsung has confirmed that the pre-installed Beauty Mode feature that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a more powerful and surprising feature that will be discussed below.

Features of Beauty Mode include:

  • Slim face that can be used to make the face slimmer or slimmer
  • Big eyes enhance the shape of the eyes, making them stand out from others.
  • Shape correction changes the shape of the face in a photo, which can appear distorted.
  • The skin tone softens the skin tone, hiding wrinkles that can be seen in photos.

Beauty mode can be accessed by tapping the small icon in the Camera app that will bring up a window with a list of options. You can then adjust the sliders for each beauty mode feature you need to improve. You can do this for any photo you take on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

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