How to Block Private Number on Samsung Galaxy Phone

By | September 22, 2021

You don’t have to tell me how annoying robocalls or marketing calls are. We are always on the phone and no matter how many call centers are down, more and more show up to bomb us with more annoying calls. One complaint that should be added to the list is when these callers use the private number feature to hide their real phone number. You can block calls from your private number on Android.

Steps to Block Private Number

  • Go to home screen
  • Run the phone app
  • Click the More menu.
  • Go to call settings
  • Choose to reject a call
  • Then click on Auto Reject List.
  • Find the Unknown option and turn on the toggle.

You can also use the above method to remove a contact or other number from your block list. In the Auto Reject list, find the item you want to delete. If someone decides to harass you, you can also block contact by repeating these steps. If found any problem in the above-mentioned step, then it is advised to move towards Android Data Recovery Tool. The software comes with advanced scanning algorithm using which first it make proper scanning and then fix all the issues in just simple steps.

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