How to Fix Android Camera Flash is Not Working Issue

By | December 2, 2021

If your Android’s flashlight doesn’t work, don’t panic. It’s most likely not a hardware issue. The phone flashlight is actually very sturdy and you probably won’t have any hardware problems unless you nail it with a hammer. Many times the flashlight also stopped working on my Android phone and it was always a software issue. Here below are some easy steps following which you can easily fix the issue.

Clear Camera App Data

Camera settings may be interrupted while using the camera. Clear camera app data to return camera to default settings and activate flashlight. To clear camera app data; Go to Settings >>> Application Manager >>> All >>> Camera >>> Clear Data.

Make sure the device is not in sleep mode.

Putting your device to sleep disables some features like background data usage, vibration, and sometimes a flashlight. These features are disabled to make your phone battery last longer before it runs out. Turn off sleep mode for the flashlight to work again. To turn off sleep mode; Go to Settings >>> Battery Saver Mode >>> Tap the three dots in the upper right corner >>> Turn it off.

Uninstall installed applications after phone torch not working

Applications that use your phone’s camera can sometimes become infected with malware that prevents the flashlight from working. Resolve phone torch by uninstalling recently installed apps and restarting the phone.

Still facing issue? It is advised to go with third party software android data recovery tool. The software is best way to solve all the android associated issues.

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