How to Fix Android GPS Issue

By | August 21, 2021

The Global Positioning System (GPS) literally changed the world. Being able to know exactly where you are on the Earth’s surface has had far-reaching implications for business and travel. Every smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver so you never get lost again. Unfortunately, even the most useful techniques fail, and if you are an Android user, you may encounter situations where Android GPS does not work. If that happens, here are some common ways to get back in touch with the above satellites.

Check network connection

If you’re trying to get location data from apps that require the internet, like Google Maps, make sure you’re connected to the internet. If your network range is low, you may see an issue with Android GPS not working. To resolve this issue, reconnect to the Internet or move to a location with strong network coverage.

Turn GPS off and on again.

Depending on who made your Android phone, your phone’s GPS may go into battery saver mode if you’ve turned it on for a while. Restarting the GPS connection here may help. Swipe down on the Quick Settings panel and tap the ‘Location’ shortcut to turn it off and back on.

Turn airplane mode on and off

One thing you haven’t tried while trying to fix the GPS not working issue is turning airplane mode on and off. Turning Airplane Mode on will disconnect all active connections and turning it off again will restore it. This may also solve the GPS malfunction issue.

Phone Update

If your Android GPS issue is caused by a software issue, updating your phone may fix the issue. If the software is a bit lacking, the GPS may not work. Check for pending updates and install them to make it clear that you are not experiencing issues here.

Use Google Location Accuracy

To improve location accuracy on Android, Google combines WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS to estimate location data. If location isn’t working on Android, turning on Google Location Accuracy may help.

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