How to retrieve data from encrypted SD card

By | December 10, 2019

If an SD card is encrypted means you are no longer able to access data from there. It is possible after Android factory reset. Somehow, you are wondering how to retrieve data from encrypted SD card. You need to access your SD card to get your data. Here you need to perform android data recovery with the help of a powerful tool. It is capable of recovering data like photos, videos, contacts, messages, notes, etc from android supported phones and tablets. This recovery tool is also capable to rescue the lost files from locked or encrypted damaged SD memory cards.

Have you lost your crucial data after getting encrypted memory card? Are you unable to access the data file from the SD card after performing a factory reset? Do you want to recover the encrypted photos, docs, and other notes after a factory reset? This blog has the guidelines to recover such an SD card and retrieve data from it.

Android has become one of the most popular mobile OS now a day. It is becoming popular among mobile users. As this operating system has lots of features in it on the other hand, sometimes, you might face some troubles that you can resolve with an easy android recovery tool.

How to retrieve data from encrypted SD card_

How to retrieve data from encrypted SD card

Android users always want to increase the memory of their phones so that they can store lots of things and use the device flawlessly. To increase the memory of the phone, you need to add an SD card. For security reasons, you lock the SD card with a password or encrypt your SD card. Sometimes, you are not able to get back your data from an encrypted SD card.

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Here are the possible reasons for the Loss of Data from Encrypted SD card

Even you are taking lots of precautions, there are chances that you may lose the data from the encrypted card. There are several reasons that make you face data loss and a factory reset is one out of them.

Some reasons that make you perform a factory reset

  • Wrong usage of Android Gadgets
  • Sometimes, installing suspicious apps on your phone, which would make your phone unresponsive
  • Continue using the gadgets when there are no sufficient battery causes to make that unresponsive
  • Due to the incorrect installation of the operating system or updating the software, make the android device hang or freeze frequently.
  • Malware infections on Android device [malware solutions]
  • The Android device performing extremely slow

If the users are facing above mentioned scenario then they need to reset their android device. This might be the reason to make your encrypted SD card inaccessible. Now, you need to find a way to retrieve data from an encrypted SD card.

Actually, the data stored on the Sd card gets erased and it becomes frustrating. This is the time when users start finding the way for how to retrieve data from an encrypted SD card. Here are some solutions:-

There are two ways to do so. You can either go manually or automatically.

Manual method:-

  • First copy all the content from SD card to PC after connecting with PC
  • Now on phone, go to the settings>storate>SD card> Format SD card. This will delete all the data from the SD card.
  • But you already have a copy of that on your PC, aren’t you?
  • Again on phone move to settings > Security > Encrypt SD card
  • After that connect SD card to the system and then copy all the content back to SD card
  • Now on phone, go to settings>Security>Decrypt SD card

This process might take some time based on the size of the data. Once the process is done, you are able to access and view files stored on the SD card.

This solution comes under the manual method. This method works most of the time but somehow, if it doesn’t work then you can go for an automatic method. In this method, you need a powerful android data recovery tool. Which is able to recover not only the deleted data from the SD card but also many other damages on the android device. It is a complete automatic solution for android damage. It is easy to use and has a very friendly interface.


How to retrieve data from an encrypted SD card is a question of this article. You can also find a solution.

There are two kinds of solutions like manual way and automatic way. You can get both the ways here. With the help of a manual method, you can easily get a backup of your SD card and following the steps mentioned there, you can retrieve the data from the SD card.

Somehow, you can not get the data manually then just move for an automatic android data recovery tool. It is capable to recover not only damaged data from SD card but also performs other kinds of recovery too. It is a complete data protector for an android device.

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