Learn How to Remove Duplicate Contact in Samsung Galaxy

By | September 7, 2021

When you sync your contacts from multiple locations like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps or services, you usually accumulate multiple contact entries for the same person. Fortunately, using the Contacts app on your phone or tablet, you can merge similar contacts to remove duplicates. This arti9cle will teach you how to delete duplicate contacts on Android using Android’s default contact list, using apps like Google Contacts and the strongly suggested Simpler Merge Duplicate Contacts.

How to Remove/Delete Duplicate Contacts on Samsung Galaxy Phone

If you have multiple duplicate contacts in your contact list, you can actually merge or remove these contacts without using a PC. Follow the tips below to learn how to remove or delete duplicate contacts on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

  • Power on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.
  • Find the Contacts app
  • Browse the Contacts list to find the contacts you want to merge or link to.
  • Choose the first contact to connect
  • Tap the “Connected” icon.
  • You can now choose another contact link option.
  • Select the contact you want to link to, then click the back icon.
  • You can remove duplicate contacts from your Samsung Galaxy Note by following the above instructions.

If you are unable to merge or delete contacts or facing problems in doing so, then you are advised to go with Android Data Recovery Tool. This software comes with advanced technique using which it make scanning of your device and then fixes all the issues in its default version. It is really very easy to use and the best part is that it support both Mac and Windows operating system.

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