List of Best Android Annotation App

By | October 22, 2021

Image annotations can be very useful in certain situations. For example, you can show how to use a specific feature, or highlight or point to a specific part of an image. In these situations, the Annotation tool can help you quickly highlight or draw attention to the parts of the image you need. Here are the best annotation apps for Android that you can try for free.

Screen Master- Screen Master is a very powerful app. Not only can you add your own overlays to your images, but you can also take screenshots, add markup, text, and crop and edit images in a variety of ways. It’s free and contains ads, but I’ve never seen it while using it. Screen Master is also well reviewed, so don’t take my word for it.

Screenshot Utility- The Screenshot Utility app doesn’t provide a shortcut to take a screenshot, but it opens automatically when you take a screenshot. This makes it easy to edit screenshots. You can also edit outdated images.

Phonto- Phonto only does one thing, but it does it pretty well. If you’re looking for a dedicated app that lets you add text to your images with different styles and effects instead of adding multiple shapes, then Phonto is for you. Just download the app, open the image you want to add text to and start writing. Phonto lets you choose from 200 fonts and style your text with different colors, gradients, patterns, shadows, strokes, text sizes, background colors, and more. You can also set custom line and text spacing, and rotate and skew added text.

Image Annotation- It is also known as iAnnotation, is a relatively new dedicated app for annotating images. Just like Snap Markup, this app has all the basic tools you need, such as rectangles, circles, lines, and more. You can also freely draw shapes and automatically convert them to real shapes with an option called “Auto”. For example, if you draw a freehand rectangle, the app converts it to a real rectangle with straight lines. In addition to drawing other shapes, you can add voice memos by tapping the “microphone” icon that appears in the lower right corner.

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