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By | February 22, 2020

If you have unintentionally deleted videos from your Android device or iPhone, then you might be worried now how to recover them. You may think there should be some ways to recover them and indeed there are. Depending on how thoroughly you deleted it, and which back up system you use; there are a few recovery methods that may work for you. In this article, we will explore ways to recover deleted videos.

If you search over the internet ‘recover deleted videos android’ or ‘recover videos deleted’, you will get a lot of search results that suggest various ways to recover deleted videos. Let us explore the answer keeping n mind which device you use, that is, whether it is an Android device or an iPhone.

recover deleted videos

In the case of Android:

If you have an Android phone and you have accidentally deleted videos from the device, then you have 2 ways to recover them:

1.) From the Recycle Bin if it is there:

Some Android phones come with a feature of recycle bin now. If you have a recycle bin, then the deleted video will be in this tool and from you can recover it. If you don’t have this tool then you can download a recycle bin from Play Store.

2.) If you have a back up:

In case you have created some backup, then you can recover the video from the backup. For example, in case you have your videos & photos backed up in Google Photos, then your deleted photo or video will remain in trash for 60 days and you can recover it from there.

Whatsapp also provides back up service which is linked up with your email account. You can simply go to its database and there you will find the deleted file like video or photo.

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3.) Using Play Store apps for data recovery:

In the case of Android, you can find a lot of apps also there in the play store to recover deleted videos but most of them don’t work properly and using these apps you can’t recover videos. This software is based on a simple idea that videos or any file occupies some space on the device and when the file or video is deleted then the space becomes vacant. But as long as the memory is not rewritten, the video or file can be recovered using appropriate Android data recovery software.

I hope that you have got an answer to the question ‘how to recover deleted videos from android’. The same strategies apply in the case of Android tabs.

In the case of Apple:

If you have an Apple device, then also you can recover deleted data on an iPhone or iPad. Below I have mentioned some ways to recover deleted videos from iPhone & iPad:

1.) From Recycle Bin:

If you are using an iPad, then there is a default recycle bin in it and also if you download the recycle bin app on iPhone then you get this feature. So, if you want to recover deleted videos from iPhone and you have a recycle bin then you just need to restore it from the recycle bin.

2.) iCloud Back up:

If you have back up on iCloud and you use it as a central repository then you can easily recover videos from here. Maybe you accidentally deleted a video from iCloud Drive, or maybe even a favorite one. But not to worry! iCloud actually backs up a lot of your data, and in cases where it doesn’t, it keeps deleted items for a limited time in case you need to recover them.

Steps for this has been mentioned below:

  • Choose “Recover from iCloud Backup” Option
  • Enter Your iCloud Account Details
  • Choose a Preferable iCloud Backup File
  • Select the Videos as the Option
  • Retrieve Videos from iCloud backup

3.) Apps for data recovery on the iPhone:

On iPhone also, you can recover deleted videos using apps which you will find in its app store. There are a lot much such software and these software act in the same way as in the case of Android.

Hopefully, you will find this article useful if you have also deleted data like videos accidentally and wish to recover them.

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