Samsung Galaxy S11, S11 Plus, and S11e: All leaks and Information we know

By | December 9, 2019

Mobile world congress 2020 is not so far now. It is expected to happen around the end of February. Around or at that event, there is a possibility that we fully know about Samsung Galaxy S11 like its release date, final design, and possible enhanced features.

To date, we have known more than a rumor pertaining to the S11 lineup, including professional renders of what the Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 Plus, and Galaxy S11e could look like. Some of the internal features of the device we can derive based on past models.

With the latest and up to date information about what Samsung Galaxy S11 likely to see and what features it can poses. As soon as we know for certain what the Samsung Galaxy S11release date, price, specs, design and other features are, we will definitely update this post with that information.


Samsung GalaxyS11_

The design of the latest Samsung Galaxy S11 series is leaked by a reliable leaker @OnLeaks. Based on the information, it seems like the design of the new phone is pretty much accurate. Formally, you can expect four major changes in design with every device in the 2020 Galaxy S lineup.

Rear camera module:-

The camera module featured in the Samsung Galaxy S10 family is not going to carry over to the S11 group. It was a center-aligned, horizontally configured camera module. Here, it might contain vertically aligned, the left-of-center rectangular module will be there on the new Samsung family.

A single, centered punch-hole selfie camera:-

The right-aligned camera home in Galaxy S10 won’t carry over the S11 family. It might take the look of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which is quite different from the Galaxy S series.

No Bixby button:-

The information we get from our helpers’ leakers is that the physical buttons of the Galaxy S11 will be the right side of the device. A power button and a volume rocker. The Bixby button that apparently appears on the left seems to have been axed.

No headphone jack:-

What we have seen and known so far, The Galaxy S11 family will the first in Samsung very much popular S series that comes without 3.5mm headphone jacks.

These are the features that are coming out of the way with Samsung S11 lines like Samsung Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 Plus, and Galaxy S11e.

Specific features with particular models:-

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 looks pretty much similar to Galaxy S11e. It is likely slightly bigger and has a more advanced rear camera system. Noticeable point is, Samsung appears to brine back on the curved display with the Galaxy S11.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S11 plus

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus appears much similar to Galaxy S11 with the less curved display when compared to the S10 plus. The one major difference is the alignment of the lenses in the rear camera module. Lenses on both the S11 and S11e appear to be arranged in a symmetrical and organized fashion. While the lenses on S11 are scattered around for no apparent reason.

Actually, it might be any reason behind doing this but it is not clear yet. Nevertheless, the camera module is presented there looks very unusual.

Samsung Galaxy S11e:

Samsung Galaxy S11e

It is expected that S11e is the cheapest entry in the S11 family. Designwise, it makes some changes to keep the price low. However, it is possible that similarity exists between the Galaxy S family 2020 that we saw in the 2019 models.

As we Samsung reveals some more information about Galaxy S11 lineups, we update this post with that information.

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