Steps to Fix WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on Android or iPhone

By | February 8, 2020

This is very common to use WhatsApp. Everyone is familiar with it. But, the reason for the discussion about this app here is that a problem is arising on Android or iPhone. That problem is Whatsapp keeps crashing either on Android or iPhone. This application is much popular to send or receive messages, videos, photos from colleagues, friends, family members, relatives, and others. If you are continuously facing WhatsApp crash then it is a problem.

Here are some fine steps to resolve WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android or iPhone. It is surprising to know that around 60 billion users are active every month on WhatsApp and new it covers business and transaction too. But, when you are getting some error using WhatsApp. It means if you are getting the application crashed down. You are not the only one who is complaining about this but also there are many users with complaints like WhatsApp keeps crashing on iPhone or WhatsApp keeps stoping on Android while accessing it.

You should take this normally as the app crashing is a very common thing.

So, if you are dealing with the same error message on your Android or iPhone then this article is quite helpful for you. Here you can get some helps to fix WhatsApp keeps crashing in 2019 and on Android.

Generally, these kinds of errors can occur any time during the use of the App. Especially at the time when you try to access the main menu, attach a video or photo to a chat.
Here is the step by step guide to resolve WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android or iPhone issue. This will help you use the app without any error.

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First, check if there is an error on WhatsApp

As you come across any such app-related error then you should check the app for its health. If there is an error from the app server, then it continues to keep crashing or freezing. In this case, you can simply update the WhatsApp. This is probably all you need to do in this situation.

Restart is Amazing

As it is very common that little technical glitches on a smartphone can easily be resolved only by a restart. So, you can also give this a try. Since your WhatsApp keeps crashing Android then restart your smartphone, it may possible that you will get rid of WhatsApp keeps stopping the problem.
fix whatsapp keeps crashing

Now You Should Forcefully Stop WhatsApp

Even after rebooting the phone, you are still facing WhatsApp error then you need to force stop the WhatsApp app. This will forcefully restart the application once again. It may possible that after that you may not get the WhatsApp error anymore.

To force Stop the App, you need to follow the steps:-

  • Open settings and go to Apps
  • Then choose Whatsapp from the list and click on Force Stop

whatsapp keeps crashing on iphone

Doing this change, if the option is not greyed out then it means that WhatsApp has crashed but its backend process is still running. So, here you need to restart the phone again and then check if the error exists again.

Get the Latest Version of Whatsapp:-

Sometimes, running the older version causing the compatibility issue with OS like Android or iPhone. So, it is always wise to work with the latest version of the application. Updating the app regularly ensures that there are no bugs or difficulty in accessing it. There may occur a minor bug that can ruin the entire application performance. Hence, updating is always good to resolve such issues.

whatsapp keeps crashing on iphone

You need to check if there is any update is available for WhatsApp because it has a chance to get rid of WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android.
To update the app follow the steps:-

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your Android Phone
  • Click on the burger button and Tap on my App and Games
  • There you will find the list of installed apps and an update option beside each of them if available.
  • Go to Whatsapp and check if an update is available. If yes then immediately click on it.

This will update the WhatsApp to its latest version and hopefully, it will resolve Whatsapp keeps crashing on the Android issue.

Clear Cache and WhatsApp Data:-

Sometimes, clearing Cache and WhatsApp data is enough to resolve WhatsApp keeps crashing on the Android issue.

To do so follow the steps:-

  • Move to the home where all apps are there
  • Now clicks settings>Apps>App Manager
  • Then search for WhatsApp and click on it
  • Now Click on Storage>Cear Cache and Clear Data.

whatsapp keeps crashing android

This step can hopefully resolve the current issue of Whatsapp keeps crashing 2019.

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Reinstall WhatsApp After Uninstalling That

After following these many steps, if you still seeing WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android then it is possible that the application has something damaged and poses any error. You need to just uninstall that and again install it from the Play Store as a fresh download.

But before doing this, it is important to have a backup of all important stuff.

  • To uninstall the application, kindly go to settings> Apps
  • Click on WhatsApp and you will see the uninstall option there. Simply click that to uninstall WhatsApp.

whatsapp keeps crashing 2019

  • After uninstalling the application, Go to Play Store and search for WhatsApp.
  • However, the latest Huawei smartphone will come without a play store due to the US trade ban.

my whatsapp app keeps crashing

Accept permission when a popup occurs and install the app.

After that open WhatsApp, if everything okay then it means WhatsApp keeps crashing resolved.

Reboot Device in Safe Mode:-

Still, WhatsApp keeps crashing then you should reboot your device in safe mode. It starts the phones with all the default applications and all the third-party applications are disabled.

Now, open WhatsApp to check if the problem is there or not. If the problem is not then there are some third party application which is affecting the WhatsApp process. Otherwise, you need to do something different to get rid of WhatsApp keeps crashing problem.

my whatsapp desktop keeps crashing

Clear Android Phone Cache:-

The error can occur due to the presence of some corrupted files on Android phone. The same happens on the desktop too. Here we are discussing smartphones, so stick with that.

If you are getting the message that unfortunately, WhatsApp has stopped then you can clear the cache of Android phone.

Follow the steps to do so:-

  • Go to settings:
  • Then move to storage or memory:
  • In there, look for cached data:
  • You can now see the amount of cached data
  • After clicking on it, you get a pop up with the option that whether you want to delete it or not.
  • Simply click Ok if you want to remove all the cache from the phone

These are pretty much steps to get rid of the issue related to WhatsApp. It can resolve WhatsApp keeps crashing in 2019 and help you to enjoy this ultimately popular communication application which is now started to cover businesses and transaction too.

whatsapp keeps crashing

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