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How to Solve Unfortunately YouTube Has Stopped Working

The first thing to check is whether Youtube is down on the server-side or if it is a problem with the device that is causing Youtube not to work on Android smartphones. Use this down detector to identify if Youtube has server downtime. If it’s in good condition and it says “No problem with YouTube”,… Read More »

Tips to Secure your Android Phone

Phones are an important part of everyone’s life. All the sensitive data are stored there, so it is very much important to make it secured and protected. To ensure maximum protection for your device, you just need to spend some time deploying impactful security settings, along with choosing to use a few essential tools. Interestingly,… Read More »

Tips to Enable Parental Control on Android

Kids grow up fast and parents need to worry about parental controls on smartphones and tablets. If you’re an Android user, it can be a bit confusing where to start.Android devices are available from multiple manufacturers, so parental controls may not be the same for each manufacturer. Just follow the below given steps and enable… Read More »

Steps to View and Recover Android Hidden Files

People often keep their personal files hidden on their Android phones. However, sometimes they may have a hard time finding those files. So, here in this guide, I will introduce some plausible methods to show you how to find and restore hidden files on your Android phone. How to find hidden files on Android As… Read More »

Easy Steps to Enable Do Not Disturb Mode is not Working in Android Phone

Are you annoyed with your android phone? Is ‘Do Not Disturb mode’ is not working properly? Have you tried but failed to fix this issue? If so, you are advised to check out this post as here you will get to know easy steps to solve this issue. There are two ways to turn Do… Read More »

Learn the Simple Ways to Protect Android Phones and Tablets

Android smartphones & Tablets are extremely popular among the users. It has made our life easier due to various advanced features. In fact, you can store huge amount of files and data to keep them safe for long time. There are many apps which helps up in banking transactions online. Definitely, it saves the time… Read More »

How to recover data from OnePlus X

The OnePlus X smartphone is launched in October 2015. This OnePlus X comes with a 5.00-inch display with resolutions of 1080*1920 pixels. This smartphone is powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 801. The OnePlus X comes with 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage. The battery backup is 2525 mAh. The OnePlus X has… Read More »