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How to Fix App Crashing Issue in OnePlus Phone

Today we rely on our mobile phones for almost every part of our lives. When you combine this with current social distancing protocols, you start to realize just how important it is for your device to be up and running all the time. So, it can be very frustrating when a device that was previously… Read More »

Here’s When your Samsung Phone will Get Android 12

Samsung has started rolling out the Android 12 update for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Called One UI 4, the app brings some new UI and security features to make the Galaxy the best. From the new color palette picker to the privacy dashboard, millions of Samsung users have a lot to look forward to. One… Read More »

Tips to Enable WiFi Calling on OnePlus Nord

If you are experiencing network call problems and poor signal. So you can solve this problem with Wi-Fi calling and use it on your OnePlus device. Here you can read and enable Wi-Fi Calling on your oneplus smartphone. Read the complete post and enable WiFi calling feature on your OnePlus Nord phone. Steps to Enable… Read More »

Easy Way to Automatically Delete Junk Mail in Hotmail

Hotmail was one of the world’s first email services. It was released in 1996 and not long after Microsoft purchased the service and renamed it MSN Hotmail (one year). The service has been running until . It has since been replaced by Microsoft Outlook. The good news is that all your old Hotmail accounts have… Read More »

A Complete Guide About Android 12

Android releases have followed a predictable pattern over the past four years. There are new features, privacy and security fixes, notifications management updates, and, if you’re lucky, minor changes to the design. Some of these features are eventually deprecated, and most manufacturers ignore Google’s design aesthetic and use custom skins instead. Android 12 is different.… Read More »

How to Turn Off Auto Correct Feature in Android

  Like most features on smartphones, AutoCorrect is also available. This can be inconvenient, especially if your typing is sloppy. After all, no algorithm can fully understand what you are trying to enter at any given moment. Everyone has their own AutoCorrect story. After the fact, your phone or tablet changed the text and completely… Read More »

How to Take Screenshot in OnePlus Nord

An essential feature of today’s mobile phone or tablet is the possibility to take screenshots. In other words, the OnePlus Nord records what appears on the screen at the exact moment in the image. There are applications that can do this, but fortunately, they are included in the Android 10, OxygenOS 10.5.4 operating system, so… Read More »

How to Wipe Out Cache in OnePlus Nord

How to optimize OnePlus Nord performance by clearing cache files? How to remove temporary files from OnePlus Nord? How to format cache on OnePlus Nord? If your device is running very slowly and reacts to commands with lag, you should check out the tutorial below. You can solve these problems and increase the work of… Read More »