Tips to Fix Not receiving text messages on android

By | February 12, 2020

It is possible for android users that they are not receiving text messages on android. There may be several possible reasons behind this. It doesn’t depend on the phone. If your android phone not receiving some text messages then nothing to worry. Here is some information on how to fix this problem. All you need to go with the article.

Below are some possible reasons behind getting the error of not receiving a text message on Android:-

  • a problem in Messaging Application
  • Software issue or Network issue
  • Insufficient Memory Spaces
  • Device setting not properly configured
  • Mobile carrier problem, etc.

Whatever the reason behind getting not receiving an error message, it is important to resolve that. Here are some helpful steps to answer your question that why am I not receiving text messages on android?

Availability of Network:-

As it is basic but important to discuss what you need to check the network signal on your phone. Network fluctuation might be a big reason for not receiving a text message on Android. In this case, either you can wait for a network or search for a strong network.

Delete Messages from Phone:-

Sometimes, deleting unwanted messages from time to time from a phone is important. Otherwise, you may face not receiving texts on Android phones. Regularly getting messages to cause to take lots of space and needs to be cleared from time to time.

To do that:-

Click on Messaging application

Then click on any thread and tap the button next to the home button to get message management menu

Now click on Delete messages. Now you can choose how many messages you want to remove or remove all of them.

Here are steps to delete messages from sim card:-

  • Open messages and click on ‘More
  • Now go to settings>find the ‘Manage Sim Card Messages‘ option under the ‘Advanced‘ option.

not receiving text messages on android

Check Blocked List:-

Sometimes, it is possible that you blocked someone and waiting for a message from them. When you block anyone then you will not receive any messages from them. So you should check it once.

Where to check:-

  • Open the messaging app and click on the three-dot icon
  • Then click ‘settings’ and select ‘Spam-settings’
  • Check if expected contacts are in the list
  • From here, remove those contents that you don’t want on this list.

Maybe There is any Software Conflict:-

As android is an app-friendly OS and there is an infinite number of apps in Google Store. Users also have tons of apps on their smartphones as per their usage. But some apps don’t work smoothly as others.

Some third-party apps may conflict between the apps so it is important to check the app and either update or remove them.

First, check that messaging app. Is it updated to the latest version? If not then do it in the first place. You can check the play store for that.
Move to Play store> my apps and games>Updates and check if any updates are available.

Clear Cache and Data of Message App:-

It might be another important action to take as you delete data and cache of the messaging app. Doing this can eradicate the problem of not receiving a text message on android.

Steps to clear cache and data of message app:-

  • Move to settings then Apps
  • Hereafter selecting All Apps, look for messaging app named ‘Messaging’
  • Now click on ‘storage’ and wait
  • At last, click on ‘Clear data’ and then on ‘Clear Cache’

why am i not receiving text messages on android

Just Deactivate iMessage:

The error of not receiving text messages on Android is common in users who have switched from iPhone to Android. A possible reason behind this is not deactivating the iMessage on iPhone before switching to an Android phone.

In this case, Android users will not receive any message but an iOS device will continue to send iMessage. This is a problem and here is the solution. You need to go with the steps:-

  • Insert the SIM card from Android to iPhone again
  • Make sure your iPhone has an active data network
  • Now in settings> click on Messages> turn OFF iMessage
  • Additionally, you need to switch off the FaceTime simultaneously

not receiving text messages verizon android

Move Your Sim Card To Another Phone

Even after using these steps, if you still have the same error message then you need to try some different way. Means you insert your SIM card to another android phone to make sure that if the same problem occurs again. It gives you clarity about the problem.

Follow the steps:-

  • Remove SIM card from the phone and insert it in different phone
  • Now switch on the new device and wait for a network
  • Then switch off the new device
  • Put the Sim card again in the old phone
  • Now switch on your phone and wait to reconfigure registration automatically

Do Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

When every attempt falls then the Factory reset is the final manual option. This method will help you to fix not receiving text messages on Android. You need to be aware that this process will delete all your data stored on the phone.

Steps to Factory Reset:-

  • Go to Settings>Advanced Settings
  • There you see BackUp and Reset and check if any backups are enabled on your phone. If not then immediately do it.
  • After that, move down and click on Factory Data Reset. However, it solves every software related problem.


Generally, not receiving text messages on android would get resolved using the above-mentioned tricks. But, in case, if that is still there then you can go with an automatic android data recovery tool. It is a specially developed automatic tool to deal with any kind of problems related to the android device.


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