Will Micro SD SIM Card be the Future of Smart Phone Technology

By | February 22, 2020

SIM card is the small chip that connects your mobile to the network operator and it enables you to make & receive calls as well as send and receive messages. If you have an active data plan it also connects you to the internet. With the evolution of technology, slots for SIM cards have also evolved and continue to advance in this fast-changing technology scenario. Many smart ways of placing SIM cards in phones have been invented and as mobile companies are competing with each other to produce better & better products every time, they are also competing in this front. Now, it’s time for the micro sd sim card.

micro sd sim card

Older Way of Putting SIM and SD Card

After knowing about SIM cards, let us move on to the slots where SIM cards & micro SD cards are placed. There are three options to date that are popular. The first one is ‘behind the battery’. The majority of older phones have their SIM card slot behind the battery. You need to remove the phone’s outer case and take the battery out. Look for an empty slot and a SIM card icon. The second option is ‘Next to the battery’ which will require you to remove your phone’s outer case and the battery to fit it in. The third & last option is ‘The hidden outside slot’ which features SIM-card slots on the outside, so there’s no need to take the back off.

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Expectation From Xiaomi About Micro SD Sim Card

There is a buzz around the corner that Xiaomi Phone may launch a SIM card which will also be a micro SD card, that is, it will serve the purpose of SIM as well as provide storage space to keep your data such as files of any kind. The upcoming Xiaomi Phones may have this feature in them. Such hybrids known as micro SD SIM cards may be the future of phone technology.

Phones till today have separate slots for SIM cards & micro SD card but this may change soon. Chinese phone maker Xiaomi is working on such a product in which the micro SD SIM card will have the SIM technology on one side and storage technology of micro SD card on the other. Xiaomi is considering to patent this product once developed. However, if eSIMs are launched before then such a product from Xiaomi will not be very successful but in the current scenario, this Xiaomi phone product may grab the headlines.

When it comes to smartphones, Xiaomi is a big deal and people have seen many quality products from this company.

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