Effective Guidelines to Restore Lost Data of HTC Smartphone

Hello friends! I have accidentally formatted the internal memory of my HTC smartphone. The worst part is that I am unable to restore my files from backup. I really don’t know why it is happening now. I am feeling helpless and can’t afford to loose all the data. Can you please help me to regain the deleted data of HTC smartphone? Can I recover them in their original format? All the suggestions are strongly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

HTC Data Recovery

About HTC:

HTC is one of the popular smartphone brand which comes with lots of advanced features. These phones with bigger screen and high quality display. Even more, you will also get high quality of front and rear cameras in order to capture photos and videos of your memorable moments. Additionally, users can save their data in the internal memory. As you know, smartphones are prone to data loss which is possible at anytime. Some users accidentally loses their data from HTC smartphone and fails to restore them. If you are also dealing with such issues then no need to panic as you have reached at perfect destination.

How Data of HTC Smartphones gets Damaged or Deleted?

There are several causes of data loss issue from HTC smartphone. Some of the common factors are mentioned below:

  • Presence of harmful virus or malware in the device.
  • Resetting the device to the factory settings.
  • Formatting the internal memory of the smartphone.
  • Unwanted interruption during file transfer process.
  • Pulling out SD card unsafely from the phone.
  • Accidental deletion of the files by the users.

How to Regain Lost Data of HTC Manually?

In this section, we are providing the working ways to restore the deleted files of HTC manually. So, follow the given steps carefully.

Method 1: Make use of Cloud Backup to Recover Data

Google Cloud is one of the most popular service which allows the users to save backup of the data. It can save all the data on the Google Server. It will help you to get back deleted photos, videos, call history, messages etc. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Open Filestore instances page of Google Cloud on your HTC device.
  • Click on the Profile icon and select the account.
  • From the left side, you need to click on Backup/Restore tab.
  • Highlight the backup files which are saved recently.
Restore from backup
  • Choose your important backup and click on Restore option.

Method 2: Restore Lost Data from Local PC Backup

If you have also created local backup of your HTC data then you can recover them easily by following the given steps:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your HTC device with the PC.
  • Click on File Transfer option from the phone.
  • Once your phone gets detected in the PC, open the backup folder.
  • Select your important data and transfer them to the HTC phone.

Method 3: Recover Deleted Files from Google Accounts

If you have synced your HTC phone with the Google accounts then you can easily recover the backup files. So, follow the given steps:

  • Google Photos will help the users to regain deleted photos and videos.
  • You can get back lost contacts by using Google Contacts.
  • Lost documents can recovered with the help of Google Drive.

Method 4: Regain the lost data from External Storage Device

Many users makes use of external storage devices to store their important files or data. If you have also created backup in pen drives, SD card or external hard drive then you can easily get back your lost data from HTC smartphone. You just need to connect the device with your PC and transfer all the data quickly.

Method 5: Restore Whatsapp chat from its Backup

As you know, Whatsapp creates its own backup every night at 2AM. So, if you want to get the lost files then you are advised to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you need to uninstall Whatsapp from the HTC phone.
  • Open Play Store and install the Whatsapp again.
  • Use the same phone number to verify the account. Now, it will ask you to Restore the backup.
Restore whatsapp chat

How to Recover Deleted Data of HTC Smartphone Automatically?

Even after trying various ways, if you are facing data loss issue then we suggest you to make use of Android Data Recovery Software. It is one of the powerful tool which is capable to perform deep scanning in the system in order to get back deleted, corrupted, formatted or even permanently deleted files quickly. The best part of the software is that it will not change the files quality and restores in their original size or format. It comes with user-friendly interface which can be handled by the novice users. So, you can download the trial version of the tool without wasting a single moment.