Quick Ways to Regain Deleted Data of LG Smartphone

Is there anyone who has also lost their important data from LG smartphone? From last couple of days, I was detecting abnormal behavior of the phone as it was crashing regularly. Since yesterday, I am unable to access the device normally. In fact, I am unable to create any backup copy. The saved files are extremely important which I can’t afford to lose. Can you please help me to restore the lost data of LG smartphone? Can I retrieve all the files in their original quality? All the suggestions are strongly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Regain Deleted Data of LG Smartphone

About LG Smartphone:

LG is one of the popular brand of smartphone which has been powered by Android operating system. Like other devices, it also comes with lots of advanced features, high quality processor, elegant design as well as powerful cameras. Users will also get huge memory space in order to save all the files, images, documents, contacts, videos, messages etc. As you know, these phones are prone to data loss which can happen at anytime. In such a case, you will lose your important files or data and they will become inaccessible.

Common Factors Responsible for Data Loss from LG Smartphone:

There are a wide range of factors which are responsible for LG smartphone. Some of the common causes are mentioned below:

  • Removing the important files accidentally while deleting unwanted data.
  • Failure of hardware, software or operating system.
  • Invasion of suspicious threats in the device.
  • Unwanted interruption during file transfer process.
  • Proceeding to format the internal memory without creating backup.
  • Using Factory Reset option of the LG smartphone.

How to Recover Deleted Data of LG Smartphone Manually?

In this section, we have provided working ways to restore deleted or corrupted files of LG smartphone. The common methods are mentioned below:

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Method 1: Restore Lost Data from Google Acccounts

LG phone allows the users to sync their device with the Google accounts. If you have also synced your Google accounts then restoration process is much easier. So, follow the given steps:

Restore Lost Contacts:

  • Open Google Contacts in the LG smartphone.
  • Go to Fix & manage tab and click on Trash option.
  • Find the data which you have lost from the phone and click on Restore option.
contacts recovery

Recover Deleted Photos or Videos:

  • Launch Google Photos in the device.
  • Under the Library section, you need to click on Trash option.
  • Choose the important photos or videos and click on Restore option.
photo recovery

Get Back Lost Files or Documents:

  • Open Google Drive on the LG smartphone.
  • Click on Menu option.
  • Under the Trash, you will find all the deleted files or documents.
  • After selecting the data, you can tap on Restore button.
Google Drive recovery

Method 2: Make use of local backup to retrieve deleted data

Some users secures their data on the PC to keep them safe. To retrieve LG data from local backup, you can follow the given steps:

  • Connect your LG device with the PC by using a data cable.
  • Click on File Transfer option on the phone.
  • Search the backup folder in the system.
  • Transfer all the important files from PC to LG phone.

Method 3: Restore LG Data from External Devices

If you also stores backup of your important files in external hard drives then you can easily avoid data loss issue. Just connect pen drives, SD card or external hard drive with the PC and transfer all the files to the smartphone.

How to Get Back Deleted Files of LG Smartphone Automatically?

If you want to get back all the lost data easily then you can use Android Data Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to conduct scanning in the system deeply. It has ability to recover various formats of images, videos, documents, messages, contacts, call-logs etc. In fact, this tool will not change the files quality and format. You can also check the preview of the files which can be recovered by the tool. Due to user-friendly interface, it can be handled by the novice users. So, we suggest you to download the trial version of the software without wasting a single moment.