Samsung Data Recovery: Best Methods to Regain Data of Samsung

Are you facing data loss issue from Samsung Smartphone? Have you accidentally formatted the internal memory of your smartphone? Do you want to learn the best data recovery methods? If you are dealing with such issues then no need to worry as you have reached at perfect destination. So, try to read the article carefully and follow the given instructions in step-by-step manner.

About Samsung:

As you know, Samsung is one of the leading manufacturer of Smartphone brand which comes with numerous features. These smartphones allows the users to save contacts, take pictures, make videos, surfing the web and many more. However, uncertain data loss situations are extremely annoying situation which can happen at anytime. This issue can stop all your activities and create unwanted troubles.

Factors Responsible for Data Loss from Samsung Smartphones:

There are numerous circumstances which are responsible for data loss issue. Some of the commin reasons are mentioned below:

  • Connecting the device with malware infected system.
  • Unwanted interruption during data transfer process.
  • Corruption of SD card due to pulling it out unsafely.
  • Changing file extensions improperly.
  • Failure of hardware, software or operating system.
  • Mistakenly deletion of the data by the users.

Is Data Recovery from Samsung Possible?

You should know that data recovery from Samsung depends on various factors such as how you have lost the data, types of data you have lost, how much time has been passed, what recovery methods you have used, you have stored data backup or not. Don’t panic as we will consider all the above factors and help you to restore data from various ways.

Revealing Best Samsung Data Recovery Methods:

After considering various data loss issues, we have revealed different ways which can help you to get rid of data loss situations. The important points are mentioned below:

Method 1: Use Samsung Cloud to get back lost data

You should know that Samsung comes with its own cloud service which stores the data. If you have accessed the feature and stored your data on the cloud server then you are advised to follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Open the Samsung Settings app.
  • Go to Accounts and Backup and choose Samsung Cloud.
  • Click on Restore Data and choose your device.
  • Select the file types which you want to retrieve and click on Restore option.

Method 2: Retrieve Samsung Files from Google Account:

You are lucky if you have synced your phone data with the Google account. To get back data from Google server: you are advised to follow the given steps:

For Photos and Video Recovery:

  • Go to Google Photos app and tap to Library section.
  • From the above menu, you need to click on Trash option.
  • Select the desired photos or videos and click on Restore option.

For Contacts Recovery:

  • Open Google Contacts app and click on Fix & Manage tab.
  • Now, click on Restore Contacts option.
  • Select the device from which you want to retrieve contacts and finally, click on Restore option.

For Files or Documents Recovery:

  • Login to Google Drive app and click on Menu icon.
  • Find the Trash option and click on it.
  • Choose the files which you want to recover and click on Restore option.

Method 3: Use Local Backup:

You can also use your local PC backup file to get back lost data. To do so, follow the given steps carefully:

  • Make use of USB cable to connect your phone with the PC.
  • Now, click on Transfer Files on the phone.
  • Once your device gets detected, you should go to Backup file folder.
  • Copy and Paste the backup data to your device.

Method 4: Android Data Recovery- Using the third party application

If you don’t have any backup of the files then you are advised to make use of Android Data Recovery Software. It is an advanced tool which comes with best features to recover different types of files, images, videos, documents, contacts etc from Samsung device. Even more, it comes with user-friendly interface which can be handled by non-technical users. So, download the trial version of the tool without making any delay.

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