Oppo Data Recovery: Steps to Recover Lost Files of Oppo

Hello guys! I have accidentally deleted my important data from my Oppo smartphone. It happened suddenly so I didn’t got time to create backup of the files. These files are extremely important so I can’t afford to lose them permanently. I have tried some methods to restore the data but ended up with failure. Will you please help me to get back deleted data of Oppo? Can I restore all the files in their original quality? All the suggestions are strongly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

Oppo data recovery

About Oppo Smartphone:

Oppo is one of the smartphone brand which is gaining popularity among the users. It has been powered by Android operating system which provides best working experience. These devices comes with bigger screens and huge storage capacity for storing data. However, Android phones are prone to data loss which is completely annoying situation for the users. In such a case, you will be unable to access the saved files, videos, images, documents, audio, contacts, messages etc. It is completely an annoying situation for the users.

Common Factors Responsible for Data Loss from Oppo Smartphone:

Sometimes, silly mistakes of the users are responsible for data loss issue from Oppo smartphone. Some of the common causes are mentioned below:

  • Selecting the important files accidentally while deleting unwanted data.
  • Oppo smartphone gets attacked by malicious malware.
  • Users has opt Reset factory settings in the absence of backup.
  • Formatting of internal memory or SD card.
  • Unwanted interruption while transferring files.
  • Mishandling of the smartphone.

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Manual Tips to Restore Lost Data of Oppo Smartphone:

If you have created backup earlier then there are some chances of data recovery. So, try to follow the manual steps carefully:

Method 1: Restore lost data from Google Accounts

Android smartphones allows the users to sync their device with the Google accounts. If you have also synced your Oppo smartphone then you can follow the given steps:

How to Get Back Lost Contacts of Oppo?

  • Open Google Contacts in your smartphone.
  • Go to Fix & Manage tab and click on Restore Contacts.
  • Choose the account in which you have stored backup and click on the Restore option.
Oppo data recovery

How to Recover Deleted Photos or Videos?

  • Launch Google Photos apps and and click on Library tab.
  • From the Trash bin, you can find your important files.
  • Choose your required pictures or videos and click on Restore button.

How to Get Back Deleted Documents?

  • Open Google Drive and click on the menu icon.
  • Search the deleted files from Transh folder.
  • Select the important files and click on Restore option.

Method 2: Make use of Oppo Cloud Services:

You should know that Oppo devices comes with cloud services in order to create backup and restore files. So, if you have also backup up your data then you can get them back easily.

  • Launch Oppo Cloud in the smartphone.
  • Login your account by using the mobile number.
  • After signing in, you can click on data type which you want to restore.
  • Select the important files and click on Download button.

Method 3: Use PC Backup File to Restore Lost Data

PC backup is yet another important way to restore lost files. To restore, you can follow the given steps:

  • Make use of USB cable to connect the Oppo device with the PC.
  • Click on File Transfer option from the pop up menu.
  • Go to the Backup folder in the system.
  • Select the important files and transfer them to the phone.

Effective Ways to Recover Lost Data of Oppo:

Even after trying the manual steps, if you are facing data loss issue then we suggest you to make use of Android Data Recovery Software. It is one of the advanced tool which is capable to scan deep scanning in the system in order to recover the deleted or corrupted photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages, audio files etc. In fact, it will not alter the files quality and restores in original size or format. It is also compatible with different models of Oppo smartphone and supports Windows or Mac operating system. So, download the trial version of the tool as early as possible.