How to Fix Invalid SIM Card Error on Android Quickly

Are you detecting Invalid SIM Card Error on your Android device? Are you unable to use your cellular data normally? Have you inserted your SIM card properly but it is not working? Do you want to get rid of Invalid SIM Card Error permanently? If you are facing all these issues and want to fix it completely then you have landed at perfect destination. This article contains detailed information about Invalid SIM Card Error and the best ways to stop it completely. So, follow the instructions in step-by-step manner.

Invalid SIM Card Error

What is Invalid SIM Card Error?

Android smartphone allows the users to perform a wide range of activities. But your tasks will disrupt when you will start to detect Invalid SIM Card Error. Due to such error, you will be unable to make calls, send messages or even use the cellular data. This error indicates that your device is not recognizing the SIM card. In such a case, all the activities which requires cellular network will be stopped. It is completely an annoying issue which nobody wants to face but it is possible at anytime.

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Main Causes of Invalid SIM Card Error:

There are several factors which are responsible for Invalid SIM Card Error. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below:

  • You are using damaged or broken SIM card.
  • Incorrect network operator settings.
  • Unwanted software glitch or bugs.
  • Faulty SIM slot.
  • SIM is not compatible with the smartphone.

How to Get Rid of Invalid SIM Card Error on Android?

There are several ways which can help you to stop Invalid SIM Card Error. Some of the common causes are mentioned below:

Method 1: Reboot your Smartphone

A fresh reboot of the device will help the users to resolve the minor bugs or software related glitches. So, you can reboot the device by following the given steps:

  • Long press the Power button for few seconds.
  • Click on Restart option from the appeared menu.
Restart Android device

Method 2: Turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off

If you are detecting Invalid SIM Card Error then you can turn on the airplane mode for few seconds and then turn it off. This process helps the device to refresh and receiving the signal bars. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • On your Android smartphone, pull down the notification panel.
  • Click on Airplane Mode.
  • Once it gets enabled, wait for few seconds.
Turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off
  • Tap again on the Airplane mode option to turn it off.

Method 3: Check for Damaged SIM or Tray

It is possible that your SIM or SIM tray has been damaged accidentally. So, remove the SIM tray from the phone and check it carefully. If there is any physical damage or broken then you need to replace it from the service center to fix Invalid SIM Card Error.

Method 4: Re-Insert the SIM Card

You are detecting such error then it is possible that you have not inserted the SIM card properly. So, try to remove the SIM card and re-insert it properly in the slot. If the error is still not fixed then you can try changing the SIM card.

Re-Insert the SIM Card

Method 5: Try to Switch the Network Operator

Sometimes, the device detects the incorrect network operator. It is also one of the biggest reason for invalid SIM card error. So, you can try to select the network operator manually by following the given steps:

  • Open the Android Settings and click on Mobile Networks.
  • Here, tap on Network operators option and click on Search Now option.
  • From the available networks, choose the correct network operator.
  • Restart the phone and try again.

How to Fix Invalid SIM Card Error Automatically?

Even after trying the manual ways, if you are still dealing with Invalid SIM Card Error then you can make use of Android Repair Tool. This software has been designed by the technical experts which is capable to scan internally and resolve different types of Android issues. With the help of user-friendly interface, it can be handled by the novice users also. It is compatible with different versions of Windows and Mac based PC. So, try to download the trial version of the software without wasting a single moment.