How to Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue Quickly

Are you completely annoyed with iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue? Are you unable to perform any normal activity on the smartphone? Do you want to know the causes of such annoying issues? Do you want to learn the best ways to fix the problem? If yes then no need to worry as you have reached at perfect destination. After going through the article, you will find the best ways to stop iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue permanently. So, follow the instructions carefully.

iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue

About iPhone:

iPhone is one of the popular smartphone which has been powered by Mac operating system. No doubt, these phones are extremely advanced which comes with several features. It allows the users to make calls, capture photos or videos as well as save huge amount of data or contacts. However, some users complains that they are annoyed with iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue. Due to such problem, your daily activity can also get disrupted and makes your feel frustrated.

Why iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue Occurs?

You may detect iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue due to several factors. Some of the common causes are discussed below:

  • Unknown software glitch or bugb.
  • Physical damage due to falling on floor, water damage or even screen burn.
  • Touch sensitivity has been blocked due to screen protector.
  • Overheating caused due to running of multiple apps.
  • Installing incompatible apps in the device.
  • Using outdated version of software.

How to Resolve iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue Manually?

There are numerous of ways which can help you to get rid of iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue. The important points are mentioned below:

Method 1: Start with Basic Troubleshooting

If you are detecting sudden issue in touchscreen then you can try to fix it with basic solution. The main points are mentioned below:

  • Try to clean your screen and fingers. Sometimes, the dirt, water or grease can cause such issues.
  • Try to disconnect all the attached accessories such as charger, USB, headphones, power bank etc.
  • Try removing the screen protector.

Method 2: Restart your iPhone forcefully.

Due to software glitches, you might detect iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue. So, you can force restart your device. To do so, follow the given steps:

  • Hold and release the Volume Up key.
  • Now, hold and release the volume down key.
  • You need to hold the Power button until the logo appears up on the screen.
  • Release the button once the Apple logo appears.
restart iphone
  • Click on Restart button.

Method 3: Make sure your screen is physically damaged or not

Sometimes, physical damage of the screen also makes it unresponsive. So, you should check either your device has fallen or not. You can also look for water spots on the screen. So, remove the phone case and wipe it carefully. You can also visit nearest service center for further inspections by the professionals.

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Method 4: Uninstall the suspicious apps

Sometimes, installing apps from unknown sources can bring malware which can make your phone unresponsive. So, try to uninstall the apps which you have installed recently. Boot your phone in safe mode and follow the given steps:

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Now, power it again and hold the Volume up button.
  • Once the Apple logo appears, you need to click on Release button.
  • From the options, click on Safe Mode.
  • Check your device is working fine or not in Safe mode.
  • If its working then you can uninstall the problematic apps.
uninstall apps from iphone

Method 5: Update your device

Using outdated version of iOS can also cause unwanted problems. So, try to update it by following the given steps:

  • Open iTunes in your system.
  • Now, connect your iPhone with the PC.
  • From the iTunes toolbar, you need to click on Device name.
  • Look for updates in the summary tab.
  • If there is any available update then you should click on Download & Install button.

How to Resolve iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue Automatically?

If you are unable to fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working Issue manually then we recommend you to use iOS Repair Tool. It is an all-in-one software which comes with several features in order to fix annoying issues immediately. With this tool, you can fix blue, black or White screen of Death, unwanted lines, crashing of apps and many more. It is compatible with different versions of all iOS devices and models. So, you can check the working efficiency of the tool by downloading its trial version now.